* You must read and agree to the terms and conditions before signing up for membership.

  • Chapter 1 General Rules
    • Article 1 (Object)

      The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the conditions, procedures, and other necessary conditions for the use of the Tarangge Unmanned Rent System (hereinafter referred to as "Tarangge") in Gwangju.

    • Article 2 (Announcement of Terms and Conditions)
      • ① This Agreement shall come into effect by notifying "members" and being agreed by "members".
      • ② The contents of this Agreement shall be posted through the "Terms and Conditions" section when members join the service. If the terms and conditions are changed or partially amended, the "Tarangge" operator shall notify the contents of this Agreement through the "Notifications" on the website without delay.
    • Article 3 (Other Terms and Conditions)

      Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be subject to the regulations provided in the relevant statutes, otherwise in accordance with the general practice.

    • Article 4 (Definitions of Terms)

      The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows

      • 1. Member: A person who has agreed to this Agreement and has subscribed to the Tarangge of Gwangju City as a member of the general membership, full(paid) membership or non-membership(1 day).
      • 2. General Member: A person who has agreed to these terms and conditions and has joined the Tarangge in Gwangju.
      • 3. Full(paid up) Member: A person who has obtained the right to use "Tarangge" after signing up as a member for the use of tarangge in Gwangju by agreeing to these terms and conditions and making more than seven days of paid payment.
      • 4. Non-Member(1 day) : A person who obtained the right of use through mobile phone authentication and use of mobile phone payment but did not officially sign up as a member of Tarangge.
      • 5. Operator: Institution responsible for the operation and management of the unmanned rent system of Gwangju Metropolitan Government Tarangge
      • 6. Member card: A transportation card (a credit card with T-Money or a transportation card function, a Cash-bee card) that has been granted the right to use "Tarangget"
      • 7. Password: The combination of English and numbers set by the member to protect the privacy of the member card.
      • 8. Borrowing password: Combination of numbers from 1 to 4 set by the member to protect the membership rental certification.
      • 9. Tarangge: A bicycle that can be used in a rental office for unmanned rent and return by using a card.
      • 10. Rental office: An unmanned place where you can rent and return a "Tarangge" bicycle.
      • 11. The parking lot: A bicycle parking lot in the rental office for "Tarangge" bicycles to be parked and used.
      • 12. Service use: A series of acts in which members or non-members obtain approval to rent a "Tarangge" bicycle from a rental office, use and return the bicycle.
      • 13. Internet Service: A service that provides information such as member information and the status of rental stations in connection with computer networks nationwide.
      • 14. Service fee for membership service: Time-per-use authority membership fee designated by the operator when subscribing to the membership.
      • 15. Service charge: "Tarangge" rental fee designated by the operator.
  • Chapter 2 Membership Compliance
    • Article 5 (Applying for member)
      • ① "Tarangge" is available to anyone who is over the age of 15 and can drive a bicycle.
      • ② If you want to sign up as a member of "Tarangge," you must apply for membership by logging on to the Internet "Tarangge" homepage.
      • ③ When filling out the membership application form, the following items must be noted:
        • 1. Name
        • 2. 주Address (including postal code)
        • 3. Home phone number
        • 4. Cell phone number
        • 5. Birthdays, 3 latter digits of resident registration number
        • 6. E-mail address
        • 7. Homepage ID, password
        • 8. Card number (credit card with transportation card function, etc.)
          (※ The member card can be registered according to the registration procedure in the unmanned information terminal and is not registered on the "Tarangge" website.)
      • ④ Minors aged from 15 years old to under 19 years old must get consent from their legal representative to complete the "Tarangge" sign-up process and become a member.
    • Article 6 (Pending and rejecting the consent of the members)
      • ① The operator may defer approval of a membership application in the following situations
        • 1. In case of technical problems with the use of "Tarangge."
        • 2. If the operator deem it necessary for the efficient operation of "Tarangge," etc.
      • ② The operator may refuse to approve membership in the following situations.
        • 1. When one applies for membership using another person's name.
        • 2. When the contents of the membership application are falsely recorded,
        • 3. When one applies with the aim of undermining the well-being, order, or customs of the society,
        • 4. Minors aged 15 and under 19 who do not have the consent of their legal representatives
        • 5. When the applicant is a minor under the age of 15
        • 6. When there are significant physical and mental problems for the use of "Tarangge"
    • Article 7 (Changes in member matters)

      If the member wishes to make any of the following changes, he or she can change the following items by accessing the Internet homepage:

      • 1. Home and mobile phone numbers
      • 2. Home address
      • 3. E-mail address
      • 4. Password
  • Chapter 3 Utilization of Services
    • Article 8 (Service hours)
      • In principle, the service hours are from 05:00 to 24:00 (lending hours) unless there is a particular problem with the operation and technology of the operator, and during the trial period, the bicycles can used from 08:00 to 22:00 (rental hours). However, on day or time designated by the operator due to regular inspection etc, use is restricted .
      • ① Rental time of "Tarangge" is 90 minutes. There is no limit on the number of rents and returns.
      • ② If the basic service time of 90 minutes is exceeded, a surcharge shall be imposed on the service charges set by the operator.
    • Article 9 (Service Fee)
      • ① The membership fee and service charge for "Tarangge" shall be collected based on the service charge set by the operator.
      • ② Additional rental fee after exceeding the basic hours of use is collected by mobile phone payment.
      • ③ The user may be charged for all repairs caused by the damage to the facility on purpose or by negligence. Repair costs will follow the general price.
      • ④ The costs incurred in accordance with paragraph ③ above shall be charged through separate notice. In case of non-payment, strong sanctions such as property seizure and administrative litigation can be imposed.
      • ⑤ The member or non-member themselves shall bear the penalties and charges for misconduct during use of "Tarangge."
    • Article 10 (Member card, etc.)
      • ① The member himself shall be responsible for all management of the member card and password.
      • ② The member shall not share, transfer or change the member card unless there is a clear reason.
      • ③ The member shall be responsible for any negligence in the use of the services caused by the membership card or for the illegal use by third parties.
    • Article 11 (Cancellation and termination of membership)
      • ① If the member himself wishes to withdraw from membership, he or she must apply for the cancellation on the "Tarangge" website.
      • ② The operator may suspend or revoke membership without prior notice if the member falls under any of the following subparagraphs.
        • 1. In case a member card is shared and transferred with another person
        • 2. In case of intentional obstruction of the operation of the "Tarangge" service
        • 3. In case other operators considers one inappropriate to be a member
        • 4. In case of infringement of copyrights or other rights of other users or third parties
        • 5. In case a person has signed up by hiding Article 6 Paragraph ②
        • 6. In case of negligence on matters of 15 (Members' duties and responsibilities)
        • 7. In case it is deemed to be in violation of other related statutes
    • Article 12 (Refund of subscription fee upon withdrawal of member)
      • ① A member may request the withdrawal of a service within 14 days from the date of signing up for the service. (However, for 30 day pass, it is within 7 days)
      • ② When the member requests withdrawal of membership, the operator shall refund the subscription fee except the deductible amount set by the operator. The member shall pay for the refund fee if the withdrawal reason is on him/herself, and the operator shall pay the fee in case of service defect.
      • ③ In principle, a refund of subscription fee shall be paid after receiving the member's consent for withdrawal. When one has no record of use, the approval cancellation of the payment method (credit card, mobile phone, etc.) shall be processed. When one has used records, the member will be refunded, except the deduction amount, by account transfer deposit. However, the refund policy shall be in accordance with the policy set by the operator (Homepage Notice).
    • Article 13 (Stop and Limitations of Service)
      • ① An operator may stop providing services if:
        • 1. In case of an unavoidable situation due to repair or construction of a service facility
        • 2. When telecommunication service is stopped by a long-term communication service provider as stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act,
        • 3. When users can get affected by national emergency, a service facility failure, or a surge in the use of the service
    • Article 14 (Operator's Obligations)
      • ① Operators are responsible and responsible for maintaining and managing "Tarangge" for the convenience of citizens.
      • ② The operator shall not divulge or distribute the personal information of the members, which they can approach due to service, without their consent to a third party.
      • ③ If there is a change or addition to the service contents, the operator notifies the contents on the "Tarangge" Internet homepage screen.
      • ④ All registered member information will immediately be deleted from the operational main computer upon withdrawal.
    • Article 15 (Members' duties and responsibilities)
      • ① The member shall not perform any of the following acts when using "Tarangge".
        • 1. The act of renting or transferring a member card to a third party
        • 2. The act of returning a bicycle to any place other than the "Tarangge" rental office
        • 3. The act of boarding other people or animals
        • 4. The act of modifying and transforming "Tarangge" for personal use of the member
        • 5. Driving outside the administrative jurisdiction of Sejong City
        • 6. Driving in areas where bicycle is not allowed
        • 7. Commercial transactions using "Tarangge"
        • 8. The act of duplicating or providing information obtained using the service to a third party without prior consent from Sejong City for purposes other than use of the member
        • 9. An act that infringes upon other rights, such as copyrights, of other users or third parties
      • ② The member shall comply with the obligations and responsibilities of each of the following when using "Tarangge."
        • 1. The member shall check the normal operation of the driving device and the safety device of "Tarangge" before renting. Bicycles that cannot run normally should be reported to the operation center and not rented.
        • 2. When the member borrows "Tarangge" and is stopping or parking outside of the rental office, the member must use a self-locking device attached to "Tarangge" and watch out for theft.
        • 3. The member shall be careful of damage or loss of "Tarangge" during the rental and shall be responsible for all damages and losses that occur during use.
        • 4. The member shall not lend "Tarangge" if he or she exceeds the legal level of alcohol in the blood, or after drinking alcohol, taking drugs, etc.
        • 5. "Tarangge" is a normal-use bicycle that should not be used for special purposes such as racing, mountain climbing, and bicycle stunts.
        • 6. Do not place excessive weight on the cart attached to the front of the "Tarangge" that disrupts parallel maintenance and adjustment of the bicycle.
        • 7. Do not rent "Tarangge" in weather conditions that could cause safety accidents.
        • 8. "Tarangge" shall be returned in the state of how it was rented, except for normal abrasion caused by driving.
      • ③ Members shall immediately notify the "Tarangge" operator or associated agencies delegated by the operator when the following occur while using the service.
        • 1. Damage or loss of "Tarangge" during the rental
        • 2. Damage of human life of the member or third parties during the rental
        • 3. Loss and theft of member card
      • ④ The member shall comply with the relevant laws and the provisions of the terms and conditions, cautions announced in relation to the service and service, and the operator's notification.
    • Article 16 (Applications or claims for damages forbidden)
      • ① The member shall not file an objection or file a complaint against any problems caused by the member’s mistake or carelessness when using the "Tarangge" service provided by the operator.
      • ② The member shall not claim damages to the operator, relevant institution or related companies for any problems caused by the member’s mistake or carelessness when using the "Tarangge" service provided by the operator, and the operator is not responsible for such damages.
  • Article 1 Purpose:

    he purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of Gwangju Metropolitan City(Hereinafter referred to as “Gwangju Metropolitan City”) and the members(Refers to those who have agreed to the terms and conditions of Tarangge. Hereinafter referred to as “member”), in using the public bicycle location based service(Hereinafter referred to as “service”) provided by the Gwangju Metropolitan City.

  • Article 2 The Validity and Modification of the Terms of Use
    • ①This Agreement takes effect when the customer who applied for the service or the personal location information subject agrees to this Agreement and registers as a user of the service in accordance with the prescribed procedure set by the Gwangju Metropolitan Government.
    • ②If Gwangju Metropolitan City clicks the "Agree" button of these terms and conditions online, it is deemed that it has read and understood all of the contents of this Agreement and has agreed to its application.
    • ③These terms and conditions can be amended to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws, such as the Act on Protection and Use of Location Information, the Content Industry Promotion Act, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, and Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions of Consumer Self-Governing, etc.
    • ④When Gwangju Metropolitan City revises the terms and conditions, it shall specify the existing agreement and the amendment of agreement, along with the date of application of the amendment of agreement and the reasons for the revision. The notice should contain the existing agreement and should be made 10 days prior to the date of application and even after the application for a considerable period of time. If the amendment is disadvantageous to the member, it shall be posted on the service website 30 days prior to date of application or sent to the member in electronic form (e-mail, SMS, etc.) to give notice.
    • ⑤If the Gwangju Metropolitan Government does not express its rejection when notifying the members pursuant to the preceding paragraph, from the date of notification until seven days after the effective date of the revised agreement, it shall be deemed that it has agreed to the Terms of Use. If the member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the member may terminate the service contract.
  • Article 3 Application of the Relevant Statutes

    hese terms and conditions shall be applied fairly according to the principle of good faith, and matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the relevant statutes or the correlation cases.

  • Article 4 Contents of Service

    The service provided by Gwangju Metropolitan City are as follows.

    타랑께 위치기반서비스 안내
    Service name Service contents
    Tarangge location based service Bicycle service history, such as the name of rent and return offices and rent and return time are provided
    Location check and route check of the bicycle in case of bicycle theft or accident.
  • Article 5 Service Charge
    • ①The service provided by Gwangju Metropolitan City is basically free. However, for a separate paid service, you must pay the specified fee for it to be used.
    • ②Gwangju Metropolitan City may charge the fee for the paid service by the method set by the contracted electronic payment company or by adding it to the bill set by the company.
    • ③Cancellation and refund of payments made through the use of the paid service shall be subject to the related laws, including payment terms and conditions of Gwangju Metropolitan City.
    • ④A request for a refund or personal information of the payer due to personal information theft or payment fraud of the Gwangju Metropolitan City may be rejected except as provided by the law.
    • ⑤The data communication fee generated when using wireless service is separate and is subject to the policy of each mobile operator that one has subscribed to.
    • ⑥The fee for registering a post by MMS, etc, shall be in accordance with the policy of the mobile operator.
  • Article 6 Collection and Purpose of Personal Location Information
    • ①To prevent theft and manage operation of Seoul Bicycles, Gwangju Metropolitan Government collects personal location information in each of the following subparagraphs.
      • 1. Name of rental office when renting and returning public bicycles, and time and date of rent.
      • 2. Collection of bicycle route coordinates from the point of rental to the point of return (coordinates are collected on the point of return) through the terminal attached to the bicycle when renting the public bicycle.
      • 3. Collection of bicycle route coordinates(real-time moving coordinates collection) if the bicycle is expected to be stolen due to long-term non-return (more than 4 hours after renting).
    • ②Gwangju Metropolitan Government checks the location of public bicycles used by members only in the event of bicycle theft or accident, and processes them in an unrecognizable form for other operations.
  • Article 7 Method of Collection of Personal Location Information
    • ①Gwangju City stores and transfers the bicycle route coordinates collected every few seconds by the GPS-equipped bicycle terminal, from the time of rental.
    • ②If a bicycle is expected to be stolen for reasons such long-term non-return for more than 4 hours, the coordinates of the bicycle location are transferred to the public bicycle operating server via the GPS-equipped bicycle terminal.
    • ③When renting or returning a public bicycle from the public bicycle terminal, the information on rental and return will be transferred to the operating server.
  • Article 8 The use or provision of personal location information
    • ①If Gwangju Metropolitan City intends to provide services using personal location information, it shall be stipulated in the Terms of Use in advance and obtain consent from the personal location information subject.
    • ②Members' and legal representatives' rights and the method of exercise shall be based on the user's address at the time of the complaint, but the district court in charge of residence will have the exclusive jurisdiction if the address is not available. However, if the user's address or residence is not clear at the time of the complaint, or if he or she is a foreign resident, he or she shall be brought to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.
    • ③Gwangju Metropolitan City automatically records and stores the data on use and provision of location information and the fact-check data for settlement of charges and handling complaints with other businesses or customers. This data is stored for six months.
    • ④In the case of providing personal location information to a third party designated by the member, the Gwangju Metropolitan City shall immediately notify the member everytime of the person who is provided with the information, date of provision, and the purpose of the service by the e-mail address which the member has registered.
  • Article 9 Rights of Individual Location Information Subjects
    • ①A member may withdraw consent to the Gwangju Metropolitan City for the provision of personal location information to third parties and the collection and use of personal location information at any time through withdrawal of membership. In this case, Gwangju Metropolitan City destroys all personal information and uses only location information for statistical purposes.
    • ②A member may request Gwangju Metropolitan City for one to read or the city to notify the data in each of the following subparagraphs, and if there is an error in the data, they may request correction. In this case, Gwangju Metropolitan Government cannot refuse the member's request without due cause.
      • 1. Confirmation data on gathering, using, and verifying the provision of the one's location information.
      • 2. Reasons and contents of personal location information provided to third parties under the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, or other legal regulations.
    • ③The members may request the rights of paragraphs 1 or 3 through the prescribed procedures of Gwangju Metropolitan City.
  • Article 10 Designation of a Location Information Manager
    • ①The Gwangju Metropolitan Government shall designate a person in a position who can take practical responsibility for properly managing and protecting location information and smoothly handling complaints of personal location information subjects, as the Location information manager.
    • ②Location Information Manager is the department head of the department that provides location-based services, and details are subject to the subsidiary laws of this Agreement.
  • Article 11 Compensation for Damages
    • ①In the event that Gwangju Metropolitan City violates the Articles 15 or 26 of the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information and thus causes damage to a member, the member may file a damages claim against Gwangju Metropolitan City. In this case, Gwangju Metropolitan Government cannot avoid responsibility if it fails to prove that it is unintentional or culpable.
    • ②In the event that a member violates the provisions of this Agreement and causes damage in Gwangju Metropolitan City, Gwangju Metropolitan City may file a damages claim against the member. In this case, the member cannot avoid responsibility if he or she fails to prove that it is unintentional or culpable.
  • Article 12 Exemption from Responsibility
    • ①The Gwangju Metropolitan Government shall not be held liable for damages incurred to the members if the service cannot be provided for the following cases.
      • 1. In case of natural disasters or equivalent irresistible force.
      • 2. In case there is intentional obstruction of service by a third party that has signed a service partnership agreement with Gwangju Metropolitan City for service provision.
      • 3. In case the service use is impaired due to a reason attributable to the member.
      • 4. In case of any other reason other than paragraph 1 or 3 that is not intentional or culpable of the company.
    • ②The Gwangju Metropolitan City shall not guarantee reliability or accuracy of the information, data, and facts of the service or information posted on the service, nor shall it be liable for damages incurred to the members for these reasons.
  • Article 13 Compliance with the Provisions
    • ①These terms and conditions are defined and implemented by the Law of Republic of Korea.
    • ②Matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant statutes and the related practices.
  • Article 14 Arbitration of Disputes and Other
    • ①The Gwangju Metropolitan City may request judgement of the Korea Communications Commission under the provisions of Article 28 of the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information in the event that there is no consultation between the parties regarding disputes related to Location Information.
    • ②In the event that no consultation is made between the parties regarding disputes related to location information, Gwangju Metropolitan City or the members may apply for arbitration to the Personal Information Dispute Settlement Committee, pursuant to Article 43 of the Privacy Act.

The Tarangge Operation Center in Gwangju City processes personal information for the following purposes. Personal information that is being processed is not used for any other purpose than the following. If the purpose of the use is changed, the company will implement necessary measures such as obtaining a separate consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Act.

개인정보의 처리목적 안내
Classification Preservation period Basis of operation Purpose of operation
Payment management Until withdrawal Consent from subject of information Delivering on contracts for service delivery, fee adjustments, bicycle rental and return, payment of service charges, sending bills, etc., personal authentication, purchase and fee payment, fee collection, etc.
Member management Use of membership service and user identification under the limited identification system, personal identification, prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized use of members, confirmation of intention to sign up, limitation of subscription, confirmation of consent from legal representatives when collecting personal information of children under 19 years of age, confirmation of their legal representatives, record preservation for conflict management, complaint management, civil service, notification, etc.
Development of new services, Marketing∙Promotional activities, etc. Development of new services and provision of customized services, service provision and promotion based on statistical characteristics, validation of service validity, provision of events and information, provision of participation opportunities, identifying frequency of access, statistics on members' service use, etc.
※ You have the right to refuse consent for the purpose of collecting and using the personal information above. However, if you refuse to agree, you may face partial restrictions on the provision of rental services.

Gwangju Metropolitan City's homepage handles the following personal information items.

개인정보처리의 위탁 안내
Classification Purpose of collecting personal information Items of personal information collected
Signing up Signing up and counseling, Bicycle rent and return, Payment of service fee, Collected information etc. Required Name, ID, password, mobile phone number, card number, etc.
Select Transportation card number (T-Money, cash-bee), card number, etc.
Automatically generated Information Information generated and collected automatically during service use, IP address, Cookie, Visit time, Service use record, Faulty use records, etc.
Information collected during the process of paid service Information collected during payment process via transportation card or mobile phone Transportation card : Transportation card number (T-Money, cash-bee), card number, etc.
Mobile phone : Mobile phone number, resident registration number, cell phone operator, payment approval number, etc.
  • In principle, personal information of the customers shall be destroyed within seven days when the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved. However, the following information shall be retained for the period specified for the following reasons:

    • 1. The Gwangju Tarangge Operation Center processes and maintains personal information within the period of personal information possession and use under the Act, or the period that is agreed upon by the subject of information in the collection of personal information.
    • 2. Each personal information processing and preservation period is as follows:
      • Reasons for Information Preservation by Internal Policy
        내부방침에 의한 정보보유 사유 안내
        Classification Preservation reason Preservation period
        Faulty use record Prevention of faulty use 1 year
      • Reasons for Information Preservation by Related Laws

        In the event that it is necessary to hold the member information for a certain period of time as specified in the related statutes, such as the Commercial Act or the Electronic Commerce Act, the personal information shall be held for a certain period of time as prescribed by the relevant statutes. Personal information shall be used for such purpose only, and the preservation period shall be as follows.

        Reasons for Information Preservation by Related Laws
        Classification Preservation reason Preservation period
        Records regarding visit Communications Secrets Protection Act 3 months
        Personal identification record Act on Promotion of Utilization and Information/ Protection of Information Network Act 6 months
        Record of consumer complaints or dispute handling Act on Consumer Protection in e-commerce, etc. 3 months
        Records on Payment and Supply of Goods, etc. The Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce 5 years