Service Guide

Who can join/ Subscription information

Who can join and subscription information
Who can join
  • Men, women and children aged 15 and over
  • However, those under 19 years of age need the consent of their parents (legal representatives).
Operation time
  • Available from 07:00 to 21:00

Member classification

Full (paid) member
  • A paid member who subscribed to a full member service through the website.
General member
  • A member who has signed up through the website but has not subscribed to full membership service
    (※ All services are identical to non-members)
  • Buyers of a 1-day pass without membership

Fee Information and Payment Method

  • The basic usage fee is based on 90 minutes.
  • It is possible to repeat use within the time range of the basic fee.
    (※ Does not charge extra fees)
  • When 90 minutes passes after a single rent, additional fees will be charged over time.
요금 안내 및 결제 방법 안내
Classification Full (paid) member General member / Non-member
Basic fee
(Within 90 minutes))
Annual(12 months) member 30,000won 30,000won 1-day ticket: 1,000won
Half-year(6 months) member 20,000won
Monthly(30 days) member 4,000won
Day(1 days) member 1,000won
Payment method Mobile phone payment, Credit card mobile phone payment Mobile phone payment,
Payment place Tarangge homepage Rental office(Unmanned information terminal)
Additional charge 500won per 30 minutes after 90 minutes 1,000won per 30 minutes after 90 minutes.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Service classification
(Payment price)
Refund fee upon request for service withdrawal
7 days or less within payment 14 days or less within Payment More than 14 days after payment
Annual member
Used 27,000won
Basic fee(2,500won)+Commission(500won) deduction
Basic fee(5,000won)+Commission(1,000won) deduction
Until the refund request date
Monthly service charge deduction
(Number of months used x Monthly membership fee)
+ Commission(1,000won) deduction
Not used 30,000won
Half-year member
Used 17,000won
Basic fee(2,500won)+Commission(500won) deduction
Basic fee(5,000won)+Commission(1,000won) deduction
Not used 20,000won
Monthly member
Used 2,000won
Basic fee(2,500won)+Commission(500won) deduction
환불불가 No refund
Not used 5,000won No refund
Weekly member
Used No refund
Not used 2,500won No refund
Used No refund

※ However, full refund for non-use due to system failure (requires evidence)

Refund method

  • After checking Full member's service deposit, it will be deposited via account transfer to member's account. Depending on the date of the deposit it may take several days.