Information on use

Member registration information

Information on homepage subscription
  • Adults over 19 years old: need a mobile phone number in one's name
  • Minors(15 years and under 19 years of age): mobile phone number required in their own name
  • Foreigner(domestic resident): Foreign registration number and mobile phone number in one's name are required
  • ※ You cannot subscribe by mobile phone registered with a corporate name.
Service application (Full member service)
  • After you sign up on the website, apply for a separate service for full members and pay the basic fee(※ Refer to 'Service Guide' for more information.)
  • Service subscription options (※ Based on use within 90 minutes)
    • 1 day pass (1 day) / 1,000 won : Onsite payment(use mobile phone payment) at Rental office (bicycle stop)
  • A member who did not apply for service (Full member service) is a General member.
Register full member service card at the rental office
  • Card that is available for Full-time member service registration
    • Credit card with transportation card function
    • T-Money card
    • Cash-bee card
      ※ Some old version cards may not be available for use.

In case of General members or Non-members

  • You can rent bicycles after purchasing 1-day membership through mobile phone authentication.
  • Purchase is not available for those under 19 years of age. Please use the full member service with the consent of your legal representative (parents) on the website .
  • You cannot purchase 1-day membership through corporate mobile phones.
  • 1-day membership cannot be purchased by users who cannot use mobile phone payment.
  • 1-day membership is not available to users who use prepaid phones or separate telecommunications companies.
  • 1-day membership cannot be purchased if the user has a problem with the terms and conditions of the cell-phone operator.
    (ex. Unpaid, paused mobile phone, etc.)